Cooktop Cleaner is a hit with online customers on Ocado!

5 stars out of 5, 04 June 2018

“Brilliant. This is a brilliant product for any hob, I travel with it to use abroad in our holiday home, it shines and cleans as it says. Do try it as its a must.”

– Whoopsie

5 stars out of 5, 12 April 2018

“Effective! Much more effective than other hob cleaners for removing burnt on stains. Used with
Spontex Brilliant Scourer for delicate surfaces this is great.”

– Lubby

5 stars out of 5, 03 April 2017

“Best cleaner ever! I bought this for my new induction hob…it is fantastic, cleans really easy and leaves an amazing shine and smells good too. I have also used it on the glass splash
back….bought it up a treat. Look out the rest of the house!!!”

– Tweeny

5 stars out of 5, 02 April 2017

“Excellent on ceramic! Cleans the hob beautifully but even better, it removes the scratches on my ceramic sink to a shine and sparkle.”

– Arcama

5 stars out of 5, 26 March 2017

“Best Cleaner! This cleaner is the best I have ever used. I use it on a stainless steel hob, oven, microwave and work surfaces. It is just wonderful. I have been a
Cif user for years but this is better.”

– Skip

12 July 2015

“Brilliant results! Great for cleaning the hob, wouldn’t go back to any other brand. I have also used this to clean the plastic/aluminium frame of our porch and it shifted years of grime
left by the previous owners in a single application.”

– leorange

5 stars out of 5, 28 July 2014

“Excellent! The best hob cleaner that I have ever tried. I usually struggle to remove burnt on food and resort to a scraper and hob scouring powder. I then keep applying more and more
product to try to soften the burnt on food. With this product most of the marks came off on the first application. Some tough marks took a little longer and a couple of applications but overall I was delighted with the results.”

– 2rose