A good, deep cleaning can re-kindle your love affair with your home.

Look at a good clean as more of an entire afternoon experience and not a chore.

What do we mean?

Maybe open a bottle of wine, turn on some music, clear your schedule and get into it.

And for the truly bold, invite some friends over (when covid rules allow), pay for the food & drinks & make it an event. If covid rules don’t allow when you have planned for party for then why not hold it over zoom or other video calling platforms and have a competition who can get the most done and the best cleaned.

But don’t expect too much after about 1.5-2hrs, so plan ahead, make sure everything needed is there, make up some way to “divide & conquer” (like drinking games!) & get started.

First give your washing machine a descale. We recommend using the descaler first, running the appropriate cycle and then the Knaus cleaner on your appliance. Knaus Washing Machine Descaler will help prevent build up and will remove limescale and calcium deposits fast with its powerful, advanced cleaning care. To do this pour a 1/3 of a bottle into an empty drum and run it on a normal cycle & clean any filters after use. For the first application or with an older machine, scale may have built up, therefore use half the bottle, run a cycle, clean any filters, then repeat. We recommend descaling every 50 washes (or every 30 for hard water areas).

Then whilst this is in progress give your oven a good clean using Knaus Oven Cleaner. Evenly spray on all surfaces of the oven including sides, door & racks & leave for a minute. For tougher grime, leave for longer (no more than 30 minutes). After this time then wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, and then dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

At the same time these are working their magic put your coffee machine through a clean using Knaus coffee machine cleaner. Then give it a descale using Knaus Multi-Purpose Descaler. Your kettle and iron can also be descaled at the same time too.

Kettles: Boil half a kettle of water, place in the sink or on the sink drainer & add 75ml of product. Allow to work for 15 minutes, empty and rinse before use.

Irons: Ensure the iron is cold & empty. Add 75ml of product & top up to full with warm to hot water, leave for 10 minutes, empty & rinse through.

Coffee Machines: Add 50ml of product to machine & top up reservoir with cold water. Run the manufacturer’s cleaning cycle. Empty any remaining water & fill with fresh water, run manufacturer’s cleaning cycle again to flush machine thoroughly.

Leaving Knaus to do the hard work for you, you can then get on with cleaning other areas of your house like the inside and outside of your fridge using Knaus Multi-Surface Clean & Shine. It can also be used on other areas like the outside of your washing machine, dishwasher, worktops, cupboard doors, door handles and much more.

When the washing machine cycle is complete then put your dishwasher and washing machine to clean using Knaus Washing Machine & Dishwasher cleaner. First ensure machine is empty, then pour 1/3 of bottle into the washing machine & run on a normal wash. To clean door: Sprinkle some granules onto a damp cloth or sponge & wipe around the door including rubber seal. To clean the dispenser drawer: Make a solution using 1/3 of the bottle & 1 litre of warm water. Soak the drawer in solution for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly & replace. Finally Wipe residue off, run under a cold tap, dry & replace dispenser drawer. For use in a dishwasher fill to the maximum capacity indicated in your dispenser & run on a hot wash.

Mircowaves can often be areas that are forgotten and lightly cleaned. They too need love care and attention to keep them operating effectively, cleanly and to rid them of lingering food odours.

Finally give your stainless steel areas of your home some love, care and protection with Knaus stainless steel intensive cleaner. It will remove grease & grime, polish, shine and deep clean whilst protecting it. To use Knaus Stainless Steel Intensive Cleaner:

·         Shake well before use.

·         Apply with a damp cloth & gently rub into surfaces.

·         Polish with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

After this get started on the rest of the house and see how far you and your friends can get and reconvene at the allotted time to crown the queen or king of cleaning. Don’t forget though to check in with each other as the time goes on every 15 minutes to spur each other on.

Most importantly have fun.  Happy cleaning 😊