Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner Wins Silver at the Bizzie Baby Mum’s Awards! Read the full reviews here!


5 stars out of 5, 2nd April 2019

I was expecting one bottle to try not a whole box. Looks very good. Attracts your attention and gives enough information to know how it works and what to do. Like the fact it can be used for both dishwasher and washing machine. The fact it is granules too instead of liquid is great.

– Jo List

5 stars out of 5, 2nd April 2019

Loved the bottles, looked like a good product. Professional and high value looking product. Great to have a cleaner that can be used for washing machine and dishwasher. Instructions very easy to follow. This is just so easy to use.

– Sarah Thirling

4 star out of 5, 2nd April 2019

Well packed and professional looking product . Clear and simple design, makes you think of cleanliness .Great to have a product to clean multiple appliances.

– Hayley Topley